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Founded in 2011, bandleader/vocalist/composer John Vargas joined forces with Mark Rickey (keyboards), Ravi Jayasinghe (bass), Sam Brignon (drums) and D-Varg (rapper and composer).

510JAZZ' repertoire includes influences from all across Jazz. We have a special affinty for Bossa Nova. Our original songs include contemporary jazz pieces, classic Bossas - and jazz-hiphop fusion numbers.

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Coming Soon! 510JAZZ' new album - "Bossa510

Fremont natives John and David Vargas wrote 16 originals that rekindle the old flame of Bossa Nova. We named this album "Bossa510" - in homage to our home here in the East Bay.

The "Bossa510" album features talented session players from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. These combined musicians bring great talent and a wide variety of styles into the mix.
- Fremont: Ed Lee and Tony Song (guitar), David Stockman (congas), Chris Koraltan (drums)
- The Peninsula: Esther Berndt (alto sax), Tom Povse (flute), Oshra Sedan (vocals)
- The South Bay: Randy Merril (trumpet and flugelhorn)
- San Francisco: Nikki Rey (vocals)
- The North Bay: Jamillions (vocals)

Coming Soon!  510JAZZ' new album -
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